WD Model


WD Truck Bed

With an all steel frame bodied truck bed, CM’s WD Truck Bed model is a great choice for welders looking to haul welding machines and equipment to get their business on the road. When welders are seeking out tough bodies, custom design, and a bed that can give them that commercial welder look, this is the bed of choice. Unlike most CM Truck Beds, the WD model truck bed comes with a smooth deck, no gooseneck hitch, and no headache rack, along with a recessed welding machine platform at the front of the bed. It does, however come standard with two toolboxes, LED lights, and our best in class B and W Trailer hitch. Providing a truck bed of strength and no struggle, the available sizes for this model are 84″ length, 8’6″ length, and 9’4″ length.

WD Model Features & Hardware

Built dependable with style unsurpassed, our WD model is outfitted with many standard features and hardware that surpass your expectations and make your productivity endless.This truck bed is equipped with:

Bumper pull receiver hitch with chain loops

Recessed tool box with black compression latch (2 standard)

Modular sealed wiring harness

7 way round 5 way flat electrical plug standard on rear tailboard

4" steel channel frame rails

3" steel roll-formed 3/16" channel cross members

1/8" smooth deck

Full length side skirt with rolled fenders

Full length rear skirt

34" Trough in front with 3" step down (24" on 84" long beds)

1.66" pipe around bottom rim of sides and back

1/8" steel straight back

3 ½" V-groove across back

Truck Bed Lighting features include:

Stop, turn tail, back up and tag lights in skirt

DOT required lighting (clearance and marker lights)

All lighting must be wired to meet all DOT requirements as originally intended by the vehicle manufacturer.