We're behind you all the way!


"It is my pleasure to compliment you all on your great service. Many years ago I bought a 4x8 trailer from you and it has served me well. It was serviced one time and needed a grease job. In 2016, I bought a new car and had a new trailer hitch put on at your place. Recently my trailer hitch got stolen and I found a replacement at your store. Lowes and Home Depot did not have a compatible hitch. A few days ago the lights stopped working on the trailer and I took it in to you. It was a broken ground wire that was quickly fixed by Chris Fetzer. Chris is a great guy and hard worker. Gainesville is lucky to have a company like yours. Please keep up the good work.

Larry | Gainesville, FL

"Thought I would give you some feedback with Texas Trailers, and take the time to thank you for a pleasant experience thus far with the trailer buying process. I never mentioned to you, but you guys are the third of three different companies that have built trailers for me over the last three months. The other two trailers were essentially the same specs as what you built, but there were issues with them that were not acceptable. The first trailer was an "all box tube" design. It was strong and had good welds, but it had the crown in the axle reversed/downward, which caused an obvious negative camber in the wheels even with no load. The cross members were also out of a 16 gauge c-shaped sheet metal that even on 16" centers, was no way it would adequately support potential load on a 5200 LB frame. After all, who really looks under the deck to see what was used to support it? There were other minor issues, but this trailer was returned as the manufacturer was not willing to fix the axle or beef up the cross members. Also, the paint job was awful...thin, chipping, peeling from day one. The second trailer was built as yours, but the axle was built with a 1" clearance from the bottom of the deck, and the springs were not strong enough for the designed axle load, so when I loaded my small 2000 LB tractor the deck fully bottomed out, touching the axle so there was zero bounce clearance under load. Also there was not sufficient welding at various areas and the trailer was very floppy/unstable laterally if you jumped on one rear corner while hitched. Even though this company admitted that longer u-bolt hangers should have been used with stronger leaf springs, which they were willing to correct, I did not care for the weak weld-up that still existed. I was given the option to have my money returned and so took it. Also the paint job was marginally better than the first outfit. That's when I stumbled onto Texas Trailers through an internet search. I was now a lot more educated and experienced at this point and now dealing with yet another trailer outfit. From the phone call at the start, you were very straightforward, professional, knowledgeable, and answered all of my questions and concerns with correct answers and absolute confidence. Your quote was very thorough and priced in line with others, and with your explanation of the build process, I believe I gave you an order the same day or the next morning. The delivery time was promised in 3-4 weeks, and 15 days later your office had called to say the trailer was ready for pickup. So I just wanted to convey my sincere appreciation of your organization and my experience thus far. Although, gauged from my experience, I am sure you may hear this often. Also, kudos to the service department staff with the quick installation of the last minute decision to have a brake controller installed...works great. Also FYI, to followup on our discussion on the trailer cargo weight from yesterday. Your decal says 3710 LB cargo weight, which equates to a 1490 trailer weight from a 5200 axle rating. You had indicated that it was more or less an educated guess, based on known weights of similar trailers, and adding for additional up-sized components. At the time I mentioned that I thought this trailer weighed considerably more...so on my way home yesterday, I stopped by my local land fill to have the trailer weighed. Without the ramps, it weighed out at 1540 LB. The spare tire that you included was still mounted on the trailer. If I assume the spare tire weighs about 50 LB, then your guess was right on the money...so I thought you would like to know. Anyway, again thank you for the pleasant experience from you and your team...I cannot say enough. The praise is well-deserved. Please pass this on."

Mitch | Fleming Island, FL

"All to often these days people are quick to complain about a shopping experience and don't compliment good service. I am happy to tell you about my experience in your parts department yesterday. I came into your store for the first time yesterday (and I'm sure not the last) as we just purchased a used travel trailer. I was having some trouble removing a back bearing from one of my wheels. Chris, and I believe his name was Keith, were willing and eager to help me. This is the first time I have removed and tried packing a bearing so I needed some professional help. They walked me through it and Chris even dropped a drum in the vise and showed me an easy way to remove the rubber seal, I was doing it all wrong. It is refreshing to deal with a young man who is personable, knowledgeable, and eager to share that knowledge. He looked me in the eye when he was dealing with me and made me feel comfortable with my repair job. I asked him to supply me with any other parts I might need to complete my project which he was able to do from your stock. You have wonderful people in your parts department and I WILL be back to shop!! Despite my email address I am a local Gainesville resident. Thanks for running a clean, well stocked business and employing people that care and are not to busy with their cell phones to help a customer, it's refreshing!!"

Eric | Catering Chef Emeritus Cal Poly State University SLO, CA

"I have worked with Mr. Croft and his staff over several years as a client and as a service provider. He has set a high bar for the trailer industry. When I first met Rick Croft, I often told him, after observing his business style, his honesty, and the way he treated his staff, "Your business is sure to succeed because of the way you are running it". At the time I knew little about a trailer business, but I knew that honesty and fairness in business will always be rewarded with success. I have purchased one trailer from Texas Trailers-which had to be modified to my specifications. The work was done to the highest level of professionalism and the communication between myself and him as well as the staff effecting the repairs facilitated a great end product- of which I was very satisfied. I have continued to have many subsequent fabrication jobs of a technical nature performed by the staff who are highly trained technicians who give professional attention to all of their tasks. Their attention to detail is noteworthy and it is my belief hat the professionalism and commitment that they display, are qualities that are handed down to them by the proprietor because the quality of his expectations, his standards, and what he expects of his staff are of the highest caliber. I have come to know Mr. Croft's family over this time and can say that if there was a really "family run" business-a business which develops that honest and transparent relationship with its customers, treats them well and fairly, and where the employees are treated as family, Texas Trailers is such. I am convinced that the quality of Rick's vision as a business person, and the honesty and fairness of his dealings with his employees and his clients, are responsible for the great success and business growth he is experiencing. I have personally seen Mr. Croft and his staff go to great lengths to assist both regular customers and "out-of-towners" caught in a bind with trailers or motorhomes needing emergency repairs. The public can be assured that when they go in to see Rick and his staff at Texas Trailers, they will get the best service and treatment that I know of in any business in this area. I unhesitatingly recommend Texas Trailers as the premier facility of its kind and hail Rick Croft and his staff as the greatest of service providers in the trailer business. Honesty and quality with friendly service are their hallmark!"

Edward | Gainesville, FL

"Hi Rick, Thanks for making our trailing buying experience so easy for the second time. It is great to work with such a good team. I picked the trailer up Saturday morning and was in and out fast. Everyone has been very helpful and the trailer is excellent. Such excellent customer service is rare to find these days. I appreciate it. Best Regards, Rick "

Rick | Gainesville, FL

"Texas Trailers installed a receiver hitch on my car, and they made a mistake about what type of hitch they were ordering. However, their manager went above and beyond to make things right, and I couldn't have been more pleased with their service. I highly recommend them!"

Clemmons | Gainesville, FL

"Rick, I recently brought in my boat trailer for your guys to repair the tongue and they did a great job. Today I stopped by needing help with the jack stand and Matt assisted me. He was closing and could have sent me on my way. However, he assisted me and was extremely helpful. I really appreciate the great work your guys do at a fair price. I will definitely be back and will refer all by friends to you who need trailer repair. Please thank Matt for me. Thank you, Bart"

Bart | Gainesville, FL

"I just left Texas Trailers on this Saturday afternoon and I can't tell you how impressed I was by Jeremy Brown. I'm actually from Ocala and was up here on a delivery. My hub bearing blew out and we had an emergency because we had a heavy, expensive piece of equipment that we needed to get back to Ocala. I called just as the guys were wrapping up and they generously allowed me to come in despite being ready to go home for the weekend. They were incredibly efficient, competent and gracious and before I knew it we were good as new and back on our way. I won't ever forget the service they provided and Jeremy's kind and adept manner. Texas Trailers will have all of my trailer business from here on out and I will be sure to pass along the same to any and all of my colleagues who'll listen. "

Brian | Ocala, FL

"My horse trailer was in a wreck on I-75 and I brought it to Texas Trailers to be repaired. They were great! After the parts were delivered, it took no time at all to get the work done. The secretary was fun and friendly and cheered me up. She made my day. No other trailer place could've done what Texas Trailers did for me."

Travonne | Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Just dropped off my car hauler at Texas Trailers. After talking to the manager, engineer and fabricators we came up with a great plan to make loading and unloading my car or van a lot easier for me. They also came up with an easier solution for securing my vehicles to the trailer. After dealing with all the idiots at Camping World in St. Louis it's awesome to be doing business with people that actually know exactly what they are doing and take pride in their work. These guys are an excellent example of top notch workmanship and customer service!!!"

Tony | Granite City, IL

"About a month ago a friend of mine was in an accident while hooked to a Texas Trailers brand gooseneck stock trailer. His horse was tied to the front cut gate going to a rodeo. The trailer tore loose and rolled over during the accident and slid quite a ways. Amazingly enough, the horse was fine. A little banged and cut but nothing serious. The truck was a total loss but the trailer can be repaired pretty easy. We were amazed at how strong your trailer was built. Had it not been for such a tough trailer, the horse would be dead. We've told everybody we know to buy from you. Thank you so much for being top notch professionals that build an amazing product. We won't ever buy anything else."

Jefferson | Fort White, FL